Over 10 years of experience in marine industry.

About Us

Baltex Ship Service, part of AnnCaro Group, have been present in the marine industry for over 10 years. We specialise in maintenance and refit of marine ships.

You can put your confidence in our highly qualified staff. With long-term relationships in mind, we put trust and professionalism first. Baltex staff is a team of committed, skilled professionals who identify with our core values.

We constantly expand the range of our services and implement new technological solutions to meet high European standards and our customers’ needs.

Baltex has an excellent reputation, which is reflected in the number of long-term contracts with the most reputable European ship owners and shipyards. The key to our success is reasonable management and co-ordination combined with the highest quality of works.

Our works are carried out at shipyards as well as en-route. We use our own transport network, which enables our staff to reach you anywhere in Europe within 24 hours




Those services include:

  • Inspection, diagnostics and repair of smoke and fire detection systems on ships and oil rigs
  • calibration, inspection and repair of power switches and security controls in marine power systems
  • calibration, inspection and repair of security systems and automatics of main and auxiliary compression-ignition engines
  • repair of all systems of automatics including electronic, electrical and power generation systems
  • production and installation of marine automatics systems, including computerised systems as well as systems based on programmable controllers
  • manufacturing and installation of automatic switchgears and power generating systems
  • installation of electrical networks and equipment
  • infra-red camera inspections of electronic and electrotechnical systems
  • battery condition monitoring
  • Isolation resistance and electrical durability measurements
Bridge of a ship

Engines and power generators

All of our repairs are carried out by qualified and certified mechanics, using professional equipment and following manufacturers’ instructions.

Depending on the level of damage and wear we offer:

  • diagnostics and repair of main engines and power generators, pumps, injectors and speed regulators as well as electrical engines
  • seasonal inspections with technical assessment
  • Upgrades and modernisation
  • spare parts from manufacturers
  • refurbishment of reduction gearbox
  • Complex servicing


We deliver out complex welding and fabrication services Technology used depends on requirements of our customers as well as materials and elements to be handled.

We specialise in:

  • TIG
  • MMA

We assess each job individually while preserving the highest quality of service.

Our services include:

  • hull works
  • structural welding
  • installation and refitting works
  • tank repairs and upgrades
  • construction, repairs and restructuring of piping

We weld metals such as:

  • mild steel
  • stainless and acid-proof steel
  • aluminium
  • cast iron

Depending on expectations of our customers, we use our own or supplied materials.

welder with protective mask welding metal and sparks

Marine carpentry

Corridor at cruise ship

Baltex offer a whole range of carpentry and joinery services. We work with supplied or our own, certified materials.

Our services include:

  • manufacturing and installation of furniture, cabinets and panels
  • construction and refurbishment of cabins and other rooms
  • isolation works
  • fitting and sheet metal works
  • installation of shoring and suspended ceilings
  • laying ceramic and gres tiles, carpet and vinyl flooring
  • laying self-levelling flooring

Boat building and yacht renovation

Comprehensive finish of classic interiors, as well as decks and interiors of boats, yachts and motorboats Tailor-made furnishings to accommodate needs of our customers. Renovation of old furniture, concealing defects and varnishing.

Renovation or replacement of run-down decks. Installations of everything from sanitary systems, fixtures and fittings, through upholstery to electronics.


Marine electrical installations

Offshore Ship Valves, Pipes, Motors, Engines - Engineering Interior

Baltex has a fully qualified team of electrical engineers, designers and fitters. We carry out electrical and fitting works on new and refurbished ships.

Our services include:

  • Renovation and conservation of machinery and electrical devices
  • installation and connecting of machinery and devices
  • marine automatics
  • installation and repair of lighting systems
  • wiring
  • prefabrication of distribution boards
  • pumps, valves, tanks, fuses, filters, transducers etc.


Over the world exist opinion that the best method of cleaning is abrasive blasting. Everyone knows principles, advantages and disadvantages of this technology. We have the pleasure to present you advantages of cleaning by water under ultra-high pressure.

Advantages of the ultra-high pressure water cleaning:
  • don’t cause a dust-covering of cleaned surfaces and environment (elimination of airborne contaminants),
  • leading of a few works at the same time is allowed,
  • amount of industrial wastes is decreased and air pollution is eliminated (elimination of costly clean-up and disposal of sandblasting material and abrasives),
  • increase cleaning capacity due to reduced working time,
  • elimination of metal surface degradation. UHP effectively removes rust and other corrosion products from metal surfaces with minimal disturbance of microstructural features, eliminating embedded deposits and salts on the metal surface,
  • safety for explosive danger areas (no “sparks”),
  • selective coating layer removal possible

Examples of the hydroblasting applications:
  • cleaning of steel construction (up to ISO Sa2 standard),
  • cleaning of industrial installations from heavy technological sediments
  • removal of concrete from the reinforcement concrete constructions to make reinforcement clean,
  • water cutting of concrete constructions.


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